Taylor Swift leaving/arriving to the StandUpToCancer broadcast

“Dear Taylor,

Thank you. For what you did. I know this is all because of Ronan. Because you will never forget the blue eyes of the most beautiful little boy, who was mine, and who will forever be yours as well. You are helping to keep him alive in all that you choose to do, say, and take a stance on in life. You are helping to give these innocent kids a chance and a voice so that the face of this disease, will change. You are pure gold.

Thank you for bringing awareness to this awful world of Neuroblastoma. You are the light that shines through the dark, dark, clouds. We need awareness so badly and what you have just done, will help us to move these mountains, so much faster. My heart, will forever be yours.”
— Maya Thompson, Ronan’s Mother

her dad had cancer in 2005 as well 

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