'pit crew' man from Ru Paul's drag race smells of B.O.

Californian man is furious after claims his gym membership was revoked after being told they had received several complaints over his body odour.

Leaving the gym and taking his frustration out on Twitter, Shawn Morales of Los Angeles spilled his upset to his 1,543 Twitter followers and 5,053 Facebook fans on Wednesday - many who claimed smelling a potential lawsuit.

'2day I was told by an employee at @GoldsGym that they are going to REVOKE my membership because "10 members have complained about my BO"...?' he tweeted.

'Of course I can smell my self but obviously it doesn't bother me or my friends,' he later wrote.

The news from the actor/model - and self-described 'hairy PIT CREW guy on RuPaul's Drag Race' - came with mixed reaction from his online followers, many of whom took his side while some expressed concern for his wellbeing.

'Assuming you do all the normal things like showering and deodorant, you may also want to see a doctor...' one Twitter follower wrote appearing intending to help.

Mr Morales offered a curt reply back: ‘Of course I shower.’ The user appeared immensely apologetic.

After over a hundred comments collected revolving around his health and hygiene this week, he provided a previously missed detail to the story.

'Deodorant...I just don't like wearing it,' he wrote to one inquiring user. He called that decision a life-style choice.

'Can't say you weren't warned!!! :) Love you anyway,' a supportive user wrote on his Facebook wall.

A call to Gold’s Gym inquiring about their policy on personal hygiene and deodorant use was unsuccessful on Sunday night.

According to the facility there are eight other Gold’s Gyms in the LA area for Mr Morales to choose from - should he be provided with some arm-lifting retribution at those.


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