Props Arrive To the Bourne Wood ‘Fictional Village’ Set for THOR 2

Readying for filming on the location next week, Monday, props and lighting equipment have been installed to the set of Thor: The Dark World, located in Bourne Wood, Farnham, Surrey, England. As previously reported, a fictional village is being established with yurts, pillars and village-like dressing. And thanks to UK photographer Wayne Howes, we have six fantastic photos showcasing all of the impressive work, so far.

Filming commenced today at Shepperton Studios. The sequence that will be filmed on the set pictured below involves about 300 extras, and a battle between two kingdoms ensuing before the God of Thunder himself, Thor arrives and “saves the day.” The shoot is expected to last ten days, and is due to occur only during the day.

Regarding exactly who these two kingdoms will be, I was told by a local UK actor that his ginger beard landed him a role in the sequel as the leader of a “Maurauder Army,” but he had to turn down the offer. With that in mind, it's possible the fictional village constructed is home to this Maurauder Army, and is invaded by the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim, before Thor and other Asgardians take over.

The leader of the Marauders is Mister Sinister:

I have no idea why Thor would help the Marauders even against Hela, because the Marauders are villains themselves and he fights against them in the comics. But I hope we get a lot more info and pics when they start filming there on Monday.