Ken Follett's "World Without End" miniseries trailer

Two hundred years after construction of the great cathedral in PILLARS OF THE EARTH, Ken Follett's WORLD WITHOUT END picks up with a new cast of characters as they fight for survival amidst natural disaster, plague, and the Hundred Years' War. The tale begins in the 14th century with a civil war in England. Queen Isabella deposes her husband, Edward II, secretly ordering him killed, and installs their son, Edward III, on the throne. Thomas Langley, a knight involved in the plot, flees; wounded by the Queen's men, he finds sanctuary in the Kingsbridge priory. Caris a visionary woman, and her lover Merthin build a community that stands up to the Crown and the church.

Premieres on Showcase in Canada on Sept 4, 2012
in the United States on Reelz Channel on October 17, 2012
and on Channel 4 in the UK in January 2013

Stars Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Richardson, Peter Firth, Charlotte Riley, Ben Chaplin, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Rupert Evans, Sarah Gadon and Tom Weston-Jones

The 8 part miniseries is produced by Ridley & Tony Scott

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