NBA Would Be Tony Farmer Beats Career Out of His Girlfriend

When the head coach for the Miami Dolphins delivered the news to Chad Johnson
that he was being cut from the team following his domestic abuse arrest many
expected him to violently kick off his stilettos like Patti
Labelle performing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”
to stop, drop, and roll. He

If he were a total package stunt queen Chad would have relished in the moment
and put on a performance comparable only to that of a j-sette
showdown at a $10 Latex Ball
. ESPN would still be running that beautiful
bean footage back as your eyes scan over this blog post. Unfortunately, to quote
post Reconstruction Era poet laureates Lil Boosie and Webbie, he ain’t bout what
he be talking bout.

Now Tony Farmer. That is an up-and-coming daughter worth the adulation and

Hailed as one of the most highly recruited basketball players in the state of
Ohio, the 18-year-old fell the fuck out like a fussy toddler in the back of a
church after receiving a three-year prison sentence. The 6’7″ tall high school
senior plead guilty to charges of robbery, assault, kidnapping and intimidation
of the victim, related to an April incident where he confronted his
ex-girlfriend, Andrea Lane.

Let me tell you, I haven’t seen a pussy drop this delicious since Scarlett tumbled her big ass
off that Goodwill coffee table back in 2008.

The Sentencing and Death Drop

The Beating


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