Ashlee Simpson's free Denver concert and Muse's new tour

So thanks to this post, I got to go to the Ashlee Simpson concert for only 4 bucks. Yeah, I know everyone hates her, but it was only four dollars and I had nothing better to do. And surprisingly, it wasn't bad. There was actually a pretty decent sized crowd, but there were still some empty seats, but not too many. Apparently there were a lot of people that got the free tickets, including someone from Dallas who wore a "We Want Jessica" shirt but was dancing like mad when Ashlee was on. And Ashlee didn't lipsync! I don't think. Anyways, she sounded pretty good compared to what everyone seems to think. Pics are credited to peanutter.

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I Am Me
Burning Up
Nothing New
Sweet Dreams
Eyes Wide Open
In Another Life
Catch Me When I Fall
Beautifully Broken (acoustic)
Undiscovered (acoustic)
Love Me for Me
Coming Back for More
-A song she didn't say but sounded kinda 50s-ish
La La
Pieces of Me

Ashley Parker Angel opened for her, and it was ... well, lame if you don't like him or pretty good if you do. I actually really liked (okay I fucking loved!) his show on MTV but I'm not that into his music, but I thought he did all right. I honestly don't remember his setlist except I know he played "Beautiful Lie" "My Apology" and "Let U Go" and a couple more. Like I said, it was okay, but a little embarrassing to see him rock out to his pop songs. Pics credited to peanutter again.

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Oh and there was this pre-opener that I didn't like but my sister did and his name is Chris August. He kind of sounded like Adam Levine, Gavin De Graw, and Jason Mraz combined, all of whom I hate so that's probably why I didn't like him. But if you like that you can find his music somewhere on MySpace. (I think, I didn't check.)

And now for the exciting news!
I know there are some Muse fans out there who'll be excited to know that their latest CD (Black Holes and Revelations) comes out in the US on July 11 (but it leaked on June 8th and here is a link on Sendspace and on Megaupload) and now they have anounced a new tour! Tickets go on sale Friday or Saturday depending on where you live.

MUSE's new tour dates:

18-Jul San Francisco The Concourse
19-Jul Los Angeles Greek Theatre
21-Jul San Diego Soma
22-Jul Phoenix Celebrity Theatre
24-Jul Denver Fillmore
26-Jul Minneapolis State Theatre
27-Jul Chicago Aragon Ballroom
28-Jul Detroit State Theatre
30-Jul Toronto Docks Concert Hall
31-Jul Montreal Cartier Pier
2-Aug Boston Bank Of America Pavilion
3-Aug New York Hammerstein Ballroom
4-Aug Philadelphia Electric Factory
6-Aug Atlanta Tabernacle

I'm so excited! I've been waiting to see them for three years \o/

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