Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder? Celebrity Reconciliations

Just because they are celebrities doesn't mean they don't suffer from the same pitfalls as the rest of us do when it comes to relationships. We've all had moments we aren't proud of,and these people have to live out their lives with millions of people watching (and usually, judging). Especially when it comes to relationships.

Keeping a relationship happy and functional for the average person can be stressful, can you imagine having to deal with thousands (or more) people constantly asking you about your relationship in public on top of the day to day stresses? It would be enough to drive a couple apart.

But what happens when circumstances drive them apart, but there's still that love between them?

A reconciliation, of course! We've compiled a list of some celebrity reconciliations that show sometimes, love CAN be enough....

Pink and Carey Hart

Rocker Pink and and motocross-er Carey Hart met in 2001 at the X Games in Philadelphia. They dated, had a breakup in 2003, and then she made the bold move of asking him to marry her in an awesome way in June 2005. She appeared in the pits at his race in Mammoth Lakes holding a sign asking him to marry her, which they did in January of 2006. Sadly, in Feburary 2008 Pink confirmed publicly that the two had split following much speculation, but seemed to remain on friendly terms. So much so that he appeared in her video "So What", which poked fun at their relationship and separation.

Between their split and February 2010, the couple sought counselling before confirming that they were back together. Things seem to be working well the second time around, because on June 2,2011, Pink gave birth to their first child, a daughter they named Willow.

Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig

Olive Marie Osmond was the only girl of nine children, and raised in a showbiz family, in which she gradually eased into herself.  In 1982, she married Stephen Lyle Craig, a motivational speaker and former University basketball player , having one son before divorcing in 1985. In 1986 she married Brian Blosil, with whom she had 2 biological kids, and adopted 5 more before they announced their divorce in 2007. Her and Stephen reconciled and on May 4, 2011, the two of them re-married in Las Vegas, with her wearing the exact same dress as their original wedding 26 years earlier (work it, girl!). He has been credited with helping her through the unfortunate suicide of her 18 year old son in February of 2010.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Despite a 12 year age gap, they’ve been going strong since 2004, when they met on the set of a tv show.  But that’s not to say there hasn’t been a few bumps along the way. They became engaged in November of 2006,  but then called it quits in February 2009. They then announced the engagement on again in June of 2010, and the two were married June 24, 2010 in a private ceremony that Brian’s son Kassius (from a previous relationship with actress Vanessa Marcil) attended.  Let’s hope that being a stepmom has prepared her well for motherhood, as they are expecting a wee one of their own (reportedly a girl) in the fall of 2012.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Even the worlds most famous couple hit some speed bumps on the way to the Royal Wedding. After meeting in 2001 at University, they began dating sometime in 2002. She received her own security detail in 2006, due to the ‘wunwarranted media attention,’ which led many to believe they would shortly become engaged. It was suspected  that stress of the media and public eye contributed to their split in 2007, which reportedly occurred on a Swiss holiday. Although no comments were forthcoming, the next few months were rife with speculation about the reasons for the split. They still attended many functions together and claimed to be ‘just good friends.’ The increase in appearances together in mid 2008-2009 led yet again to media reports of a rekindling of their romance. Sure enough, in November 2010 Clarence House officially announced their engagement and they had a fairytale wedding on April 29, 2011.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

J.T. was no stranger to media scrutiny of his relationships. Perhaps that is why he and Jessica Biel keep their relationship very low-key and under wraps. They began to quietly date in January of 2007, and we do mean quietly! Rare public appearances, and no sharing of red carpets for this couple! If only some other celebs would take tips from these guys. Unfortunately, after 4 years of dating, they announced their split in March 2011. Thankfully it did not last long and by the fall, they had resolved their differences and he proposed in late December. Their relationship is so quiet, many media sources reported that they had a top secret wedding on the weekend of August 18,2012. Jokes on them however, because Justin was filming a movie in Puerto Rico at the time!

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton

And we have saved the best (and longest) for last! Often hailed as one of the most tragic, passionate love stories of our time, Liz and Dick were married twice and divorced twice.  Their affair and romance caused such a stir that even the Vatican spoke out, calling it an 'erotic vagrancy.' Why then, are they on this list if they divorced both times? Because they maintained a close friendship until the end of his life, and rumor has it, they loved each other until the end as well.

Their relationship was a scandal that rocked the world, and ruined two marriages doomed two films. Cleopatra's insanely out of control budget caused Marilyn Monroe's last film to be left with scraps and be left to deal with increasingly furious Fox execs, ultimately  being shelved after the bombshells untimely death. Cleopatra was a box office bomb, and never gained any interest or following until years later when it began appearing on television.

At the time, Liz Taylor was married to Eddie Fisher (whom she had seized from Debbie Reynolds), and Burton was married to Sybil, a producer. Their affair heated up quick, and showed no signs of slowing down. Once both had their respective divorces, they married on March 16, 1964. Their first attempt at marriage lasted 10 years, until June 26, 1974.  They were drawn to each other like moths to flames however, and re-married on October 10, 1975. This was not to last either, as they divorced for the second and final time on July 29, 1976. From before the marriages until long afterward they wrote each other passionate letters, the last one he wrote shortly before his death, which Liz didn't receive until after his memorial service. Popular belief is that in his final letter he had requested another chance at their relationship. One wonders what would have happened had he lived.