Carly Rae Jepsen "Kiss" Album Previews

Finally! Some previews of the tracks from CRJ's forthcoming album, "Kiss".

1. Tiny Little Bows
2. This Kiss
3. Call Me Maybe
4. Curiosity
5. Good Time
6. More Than a Memory
7. Turn Me Up

8. Hurt So Good
9. Beautiful
10. Tonight I’m Getting Over You
11. Guitar String / Wedding Ring
12. Heart Is A Muscle
13. Drive

14. Wrong Feels So Right
15. Sweetie
16. Almost Said It

What do you guys think? I'm digging "Tiny Little Bows", "This Kiss" and "More Than a Memory". The supposed 3rd single from the album is "Tonight I’m Getting Over You", which feels a little too electronic/house inspired for our dear little Carly Rae.