Trailer for the upcoming event series LABYRINTH

First trailer for the Ridley Scott and Tony Scott’s production Labyrinth, a four-hour mini-series adaptation of author Kate Mosse’s bestselling novel. Scott Free and Tandem previously collaborated on the Emmy Award-nominated miniseries The Pillars of the Earth. The screenplay was adapted by Adrian Hodges.

Based on the international bestselling novel by Kate Mosse, Labyrinth is a dynamic contemporary action adventure set against the epic and historic landscape of southwest France.

Two intelligent headstrong heroines, 17-year-old Alaïs Pelletier from 13th century Carcassonne and modern-day PhD graduate Dr. Alice Tanner experience an adventure that intertwines their lives. Separated by time, but united in a common destiny, both protagonists display tremendous courage, steadfastness and loyalty on their respective quests. As the parallel storylines set in the southwest of France unfold, both ancient and modern-day conspiracies are unearthed, all revolving around three hidden books – The Book of Words, The Book of Potions and The Book of Numbers. Together, these tomes hold the secret of the true Grail, which dates back to the Ancient Egyptian era many years before Christ. Alaïs and those closest to her must battle to protect the secret. She soon discovers she can trust no one – least of all her cruelly manipulative sister, Oriane. Back in the present day, Alice faces a race against time to put together the curiously familiar pieces of a jigsaw puzzle representing her long-buried history.

Starring John Hurt, Sebastian Stan, Jessica Brown-Findlay, Vanessa Kirby, Katie McGrath, Emun Elliott, Claudia Gerini with Tony Curran and Tom Felton.


Anyone read the book? Not that I really care if it's good when looking at the cast tbh.