‘The World Ends With You’ iOS release hints at a sequel

The World Ends With You's re-release on iOS wasn't the end of Square Enix's plans for the series. A teaser image at the end of the remake hinted at a full-fledged sequel to the RPG.

Kotaku further reports that translator Brian Gray confirmed the photo. "Some news has broken about the future of #twewy, but I hope people continue to support Solo Remix," tweeted Gray.

She has headphones and Mr. Mew, hmmmm....
(and LOL at everyone tumblr who thinks this is Shiki, she doesn't even remotely look loke the real Shiki)


Oh god I feel like I'm addicted to TWEWY all over again, I just got the iOS port yesterday for the iPad (so expensive D:) and currently on week 1 (Shiki) day 6, anyone else got the iOS port?