More Downton Series 3 Promo Pics! (Mostly Downstairs Folk)

Hopefully this is the last of the promo pics so that I can stop spamming y'all, but a bunch of promo pictures featuring mostly the downstairs crew surfaced today. Sadly there are no new pictures of Queen Mary.

Mr. Carson's grumpy face invites you in.

Daisy is imitating Mr. Carson's grumpy face.

Anna is probably bringing Bates some papers that might help him get out of prison. Girl, just leave him there and run off to New York with Mary (Matthew can come too, I guess.)

I am not making any comments about Sybil's clothes because the last time I did some of y'all got angry. So I'm leaving that to you, faithful commenters. (lol, I considered not posting this picture, but I'm doing it for johnjie and to prove that tales of my meanness have been greatly exaggerated).

Tension downstairs? Idk. I really can't tell what is going on in this picture.

New maid and new footman? Those are some eyebrows the maid has going on...

LOL @ MATTHEW'S FACE IN THE BG. But who is it that Martha is introducing? Her ladies maid, I guess?

Pensive Matthew is pensive.

Thomas and Daisy are talking about something, I guess?? IDK. Maybe he's getting her involved in a scheme again.

New footman! Is this the one the one that Thomas is going to have a thing for?

O'Brien's hair looks SO much better this series.