Did Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards End Up Getting Joint Custody of Bentley?

The OG Teen Mom is officially dunzo, and we can't believe how dramatic the series finale was –– especially Maci Bookout and Ryan Edward's custody battle. This emotional drama-rama has been a long time coming, but it looks like Ryan decided to lawyer up and pursue 50/50 custody, which Maci was none-too happy about.

Luckily, this gal has nothing to worry about! Ryan took it to Twitter after Teen Mom's final episode and reassured fans that he was just acting out of anger. "Don't give a s—t who she lives with was just mad at the time!!" Ryan tweeted. "Didn't go through with that since yall are wonderin."

Nowadays, Ryan and Maci are getting along just fine, and Ryan says that "So much has changed all for the better by far," adding, "Don't care what anyone says I have never been happier I love mt son my family n my gf more than anything thanks for the support!!!!"

Meanwhile, Maci has decided to step up as the bigger man, and gave her ex his own personal shoutout after the episode: "Shout out to @RyanCEdwards because even though sometimes we wanna kill each other we have come so far and we are doing a damn good job!"

Aww, these two! Do you think Ryan should still pursue 50/50 custody of Bentley? Hit the poll!