4:29 pm - 08/29/2012

Some Downton Abbey Series 3 Promo Pics

The fabulous Shirley McLaine invites you in!

Cannot wait for these two slinging barbs at each other!

VERY SERIOUS, MR. BATES. Maybe he's in a bad mood because his fellow inmates figured out that Mr. Bates sounds like masturbate and won't stop making fun of him.

Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes working together? Hm...

O'Brien has a new hairdo!

This is the picture we saw in the calender stuff, but this is better quality.

Mr. Carson!!! P.S. Did you know he is married to Professor Umbridge? (The actors, not the characters... obviously.)

My beautiful bbs! Also, Dan Stevens is staring into your soul.


I am so ready for conversations full of fake and insincere pleasantries!

Praying to Jeebus that he doesn't have a lot of screen time this year. Idk if I can deal with him being broody on my TV all the time..

I JUST WANT TO POINT OUT THAT WHEN I SAVED THIS IMAGE FROM THE WEBSITE THE TITLE WAS 'LADY SYBIL IN PRISON FOR BRANSON'. LOLLLLL apparently this website thinks that Branson/Sybil and Bates/Anna are just as boring and interchangeable as I do.

Sybil, girl. I know that you're pregnant and poor right now, but did you REALLY have to steal your grandmother's drapes to make that dress?

Cora! I'm really excited to see her dynamic with her mother.


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sooz 30th-Aug-2012 12:15 am (UTC)
all the dudes i know think they are going to hate it and then get SUPER into it
miss_bushido 30th-Aug-2012 12:40 am (UTC)
Same with me, too! All my guy friends love it, and I even got my boyfriend into it. He stayed up really late on the night before we had an early flight so he could catch up to me on the DVDs XD
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