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The 25 Richest Black Actresses
likegunfire wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Who are the richest black actresses in Hollywood? Several women on this list have not only been rewarded with great wealth for their talents, they’ve also received multiple Emmys, Academy Awards, Tonys, Golen Globes and more. But some might say it’s been a challenge for black women to get the financial recognition they deserve for their contribution to the entertainment industry. Even putting the race issue aside, women in general are often not paid as highly as their male counter parts. But that’s all changing. And these women are in some ways the trailblazers who are leveling the playing field not just for women, but for all minorities who dream of fame and fortune in Hollywood! So who are the richest black actresses in the world? Click the following image to view the top 11 and scroll below for the full list of 25…

#27: Lauren London Net Worth – $2 million
#26: Tracee Ellis Ross Net Worth – $2.5 million
#25: Paula Patton Net Worth – $3 million
#24: Viola Davis Net Worth – $3 million

#23: Sanaa Lathan Net Worth – $4 million
#22: Rashida Jones Net Worth – $5 million
#21: Garcelle Beauvais Net Worth – $6 million
#20: Taraji P. Henson Net Worth – $6 million
#19: Meagan Good Net Worth – $8 Million
#18: Tia & Tamera Mowry Net Worth – $8 million (combined)

#17: Zoe Saldana Net Worth – $8 million
#16: Loretta Devine Net Worth – $8 million
#11: Rosario Dawson Net Worth – $16 million
#15: Regina King Net Worth – $10 million
#14: Brandy Norwood – Net Worth – $12 Million

^ should be number ONE ^

#13: Gabrielle Union Net Worth – $12 million
#12: Nia Long Net Worth – $13 million
#10: Thandie Newton Net Worth – $17.5 million

#9: Jada Pinkett-Smith Net Worth – $20 million
#8: Vanessa Williams Net Worth – $27.5 million
#7: Angela Bassett Net Worth – $28 million
#6: Raven-Symone Net Worth – $45 million
#5: Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth – $45 million

#4: Queen Latifah Net Worth – $50 million
#3: Phylicia Rashad Net Worth – $55 Million
#2: Halle Berry Net Worth – $70 million
#1: Janet Jackson Net Worth – $150 Million

but the REAL top-of-the-top but not full-time actresses

Oprah Winfrey Net Worth – $2.7 Billion

Diana Ross Net Worth – $160 Million

Mariah Carey Net Worth – $500 Million


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I'll never get over that Oprah is an Oscar nominated actress.

Also bow @ Phylicia Rashad, who knew Cosby Show reruns paid that much.

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Oprah can only play one role, but she plays the hell out of it.

Damn right she did.

She a very good actress.


nevermind I seemed to have missed the actress part, but still she was in a few movies.

yes, we try to forget about that.

I wish she would forget too......

Brandy and Janet Jackson are on the list though, so why isn't she?

mte. how could anyone forget her oscar worthy performance in Obsessed?

She'll be on the list when she wins her oscar next year <333

If they can call Oprah an actress they sure as hell can include Beyonce in this list too.

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lol at Brandy in all these photos.

Bam at Angela Basset (and why is Rosario Dawson out of place??)

this! i was going down the list reading the figures and couldnt understand why she is at that spot when it says plainly that she makes 16. but then i realized there actually is an 11 in front of her name, so she was just moved for some reason. her numbering is right, but oddly her name and spot got moved (further down, it skips from 12 to 10).

Double bam at Angela! Woot woot!

kinda surprised by the order, but most everyone i expected is here, bowing

brandy, what are you doing with that doll?

where is china anne mcclain

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Suprising list. I expected Tracee Ellis Ross to be a lot higher up there.

90% of this list seems kinda rich ppl poor :/

Werk Raven gurrrrrrl.

mte :( if a list like this was made for white actresses it would look much different.

i was thinking the same thing :(
like if you saw a list of top 25 white actresses, no one would have under like 30 mil

I am not in the list...phew!

Yeah, she is highly out of place and belongs on the part-time list.

I'm slowly recovering from the sudden surge of nausea I get whenever I see your icon

please enjoy the flawless beauty of mine then

ikr if she's there then Beyonce definitely should be.

some don't count imo, like those who put music first but GET IT RAVEN

Surprised but happy that Regina King is so high. Where is my Queen Kerry though? Make more money, sis.

You can tell by the fact that they included Oprah in this list that they ran out of names to put in.

not all black ppl are oprah

edit: lol oh. oprah's not on this list. the op added it.

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