7:31 am - 08/21/2012

more of miley and liam in philly!

A couple of days ago, Paranoia had it’s wrap party in Philadelphia. A paparazzi from the area took a couple of photos and told his story of the night, including meeting Miley, on Good Day Philadelphiathis morning.

"They were walking towards G Lounge. Now I had left, and I happened to go back to G Lounge, to go dancing. So when I got to the door, the VIP suite where they went, I got to the door and they told me that Miley was in there but no pictures, and I said that’s fine I got all of them earlier. And as I was standing there, Liam came out and he went into the street and Miley came out and she stopped right in front of me and she said, “You know what, I just wanna thank you so much for respecting my privacy. I know that you knew that I was a lot of places and you never came and took my photo. Also I love that you wrote so many nice things about me on your site, and so many nice things about my fans on your site.”"

One of the hosts of Good Day Philadelphia mentioned how fans knew that Miley went to Starbucks daily and ended up waiting there to see her, and said how she was really sweet to them and takes pictures with them. HughE – the pap (iPhillyChitChat)- said that Miley wanted him to tell everyone that she loves her fans, she really enjoyed meeting all of them here in Philadelphia, she loved Philly and thought the people were great, and the food was great.

why are pap pics of her only in cars anymore? resubmitted with more pics :)

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poopanna 21st-Aug-2012 04:00 pm (UTC)
People talk mad shit on our (well now your) drivers but when I hear "durr, circles and jug handles are stupid," I always respond with "Sorry to hear you have no idea how to easily navigate those two things. But you keep on driving slow in the left hand lane."

Also, circles/jug handles are in other parts of the country and world.
iheartchem 21st-Aug-2012 05:02 pm (UTC)
Jughandles ARE terrifying if you're not used to them. I moved to NJ on the day of that big snow storm last October with my husband, who was transferred here from New Brunswick, Canada. It's SO different! I live in Washington Boro, which is really close to the Easton PA border. It's pretty rural with lots of corn and a small-town feel, which has made adjusting a lot easier, but I'm still terrified to drive anywhere near I-80 on my own. I can go as far as my doctor's office in Clinton by myself, but beyond that, I just feel like I'm an accident waiting to happen. Traffic is INTENSE! And drivers are so impatient. I've actually made a point of keeping my Canadian plates on my car all of this time just to try to buy myself some extra sympathy!

Aside from the terrifying traffic, Jersey is a beautiful state. We have been in places where I've seen a degree of poverty that I had honestly never encountered before (places just outside of Newark - I can't remember names), but I had been pretty sheltered up until this point in my life, having never left New Brunswick. Most states have areas like that, right? You can't judge an entire state by their Camden or Trenton or whatever.

lovebum4life 21st-Aug-2012 05:06 pm (UTC)
and about the North Jersey vs. South Jersey thing..yeah i'm biased as fuck. my whole family are new yorkers I was born there, and I live like 15mins away so i'm always biased towards NY. Like central/south jersey are so foreign to me. I think ppl don't get how divided NJ really is XD

i'll also admit i am a shitty driver lmao but yeah I think NJ is an awesome state. Like idk why we get a bad rep b/c there are way more shitty states in the US than NJ lol

also you moved to PA? where? how is it? I never had an impression of it and the only time we'd go there was to go to the poconos but now I go to Penn State and I think it's full of hicks XD

and wait they don't have jug handles in other places o__O lol?

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poopanna 21st-Aug-2012 08:39 pm (UTC)
No, I completely get how divided Jersey is. I've lived 15 mins outside of Philly my entire life. I'm an Eagles/Phillies/Flyers fan and the Giants/Yankees & Mets/Rangers can go get effed.

I live in south eastern pa, I'm right on the DE state line (tax free shopping 4eva). Where I am, no hicks, where you are=Pennsyltucky.

I hope my husband and I will eventually move and settle in southern Cali. No matter where you're from (NY, NJ, PA), this is the most aggressive, angry, miserable part of the country.

They def have jug handles and circles in other parts of the country/world.
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