Prince Harry Partied With Ryan Lochte In Las Vegas This Weekend

by Hilary George-Parkin | 10:34 am, August 20th, 2012

What did you do this weekend?
We’re sure it was a good time, but unless you were at Las Vegas’ XS Nightclub partying with Prince Harry AND Ryan Lochte, you were definitely missing out.

That’s right, folks: the Olympian and the royal were at the very same pool party this weekend, and its probably for the best that we didn’t get wind of this fact until this morning, otherwise you can pretty much bet we’d still be sunning ourselves in Sin City at this very moment. The Daily Beast reports that Harry and his boys stayed at the luxurious Wynn hotel, and spent their Saturday sipping vodka cranberries by the pool, “joined by a revolving cast of bikini clad women,” natch.

Lochte, meanwhile, celebrated his birthday poolside (yes, the very same pool) wearing the pink Speedo he debuted on The Tonight Show, followed by a pretty impressive Olympic-themed cake. The two bachelors then moved the party to the nightclub upstairs where they danced the night away, and no doubt inspired endless “Would You Rather?” games amongst the women present (No? Just us? Ok, then.)

Thanks to the wonders of Twitter (and, we guess, paparazzi), even those of us who had the misfortune of being anywhere other than Vegas this weekend can get a glimpse of this action ourselves.

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<3 <3 He is so adorable and handsome idk how anyone can hate him <3 <3 <3