Rob Pattinson's Cosmopolis Tops Specialty Box Office

Robert Pattinson jokingly urging his legion of fans on “The Daily Show” to go out and see Cosmopolis, in an effort to give it a bigger opening than The Dark Knight, seems to have worked — sort of.

Although the film only played in three theaters in New York and L.A., Cosmopolis had a gross of $72,300 ($24,100 per theater), helping it top the specialty box office, with the best average of the weekend.

That number far surpassed other limited releases such as the Frank Langella-Peter Sarsgaard film, Robot & Frank, which opened in two theaters in New York and L.A. and grossed $38,234 (per theater average of $19,117).

And Compliance opened in only one theater, and grossed $16,000.