Cher Lloyd booed and bottled off the stage

Cher Lloyd has been forced off stage at V Festival following huge boos and bottles being thrown.
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It would seem that not everyone at V Festival is a Cher Lloyd fan after the teen singer was forced to cut her set short as the crowd sent out a chorus of boos.

The crowd then started throwing bottles on to the stage and it's believed that some of the bottles were not filled with water.

Yep, it's believed some of the audience started throwing bottles of wee.


Unsurprisingly, the star is reported to be totally upset due to the incident and was spotted crying backstage.

Ironically, her new album is called Sticks and Stones and was trending on Twitter today after Cher promised fans some previously unreleased artwork.

Now it is simply 'Cher' which is trending following the news of what has happened at the festival.

Yesterday Cher performed at the other V Festival site in Staffordshire with no problems, and put on a fab show.