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Preview - Batwoman #12

• J.H. WILLIAMS III returns as artist on this new story!

• An adventure of epic proportions begins here, with BATWOMAN and the werebeast zealot, ABBOTT, hot on the trail of the urban legend BLOODY MARY. The trail leads to a twisted carnival and an abandoned HALL OF MIRRORS, where they face nightmarish versions of themselves…

• Batwoman seeks an unexpected ally: WONDER WOMAN!

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Bonus: Cover of Batwoman #14

The Most Popular MARVEL Characters According To Social Media

And none for Emma Frost !

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What comics are you reading at the moment ONTD ?

l o v e it

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Yesssssss. Oh, Bendis. He writes mediocre stories but he was a knack for great dialogue.

That was hilarious, but still... regular Fury is awesome, so it's kinda fucked up on Bendis' part (considering his history).

bahaha omg

I have to start reading this. On the list it goes!

The funny thing is that regular Marvel now has a black Fury.

I only found out about that recently. It looks like he'll be getting some more screen time with Marvel NOW! Is he at all interesting?

idk, I haven't really kept up with comics. The miniseries he's introduced in (Battle Scars) was't received well.


Yeah, it looks like they're shaping things up to phase out the original 616 Nick Fury and replace him with new one.

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