Wizard World Chicago

Obligatory "we found a dog!" pic

(OK it's NOT) The car from Ghostbusters

The bar. ;)



Dalek from Doctor Who (I think?)

Cool like...brainwave reading ear things that reacted, perked up and twitched. (Highly recommended if you're a furry)

Insane amounts of merchandise for sale

Tom Felton signing autographs (more of him, later!)

Adrienne Curry looking ridiculous and signing autographs

Dudes buying back issues of Playboy magazines

Threadless fridge

After asking ecctv & vehiclesshockme countless times, I guess this guy is named Dean Cain

Maybe someone out there knows why Stitch has a face on his ass.  Maybe.

Lou Ferrigno Looking Down

R2D2 made an appearance

I can see your Halo

Collectables and such

Star Trek peddlers

Chicago Cosplay

Back to the Future Delorean

A Batmobile

Celebrating the return of AD, this guy blu'd himself

Storm Troopers

Who knows.

Batman villains

LMFAO Robot...thing

The dick pickins were slim

BOO. Demon thing following people around.

Pucker up Joey L!


Rockso the Rock N Roll Clown. Liz said "Tell Toki hi."

The Priceline Negotiator guys signing autographs

Harley Quinn & her hammer

Buzz Lightyear is lost

Superman takes a break

(panel commentary taken from ecctv's notes)

James Marsters
(I didn't really get good pics, sorry!)

  • For his last meal, he'd have sushi and a rainbow roll but I have no clue what that is.
  • If it was his last day on earth, he'd want to skydive
  • A woman asked for a kiss, he said he had a jealous wife and wouldn't do it as they usually end in orgies.
  • The musical episode of Buffy was made by the guy who made the show The Tick. Marsters loved that show so he was excited to work with him. Also, Marsters was working the puppet for the episode.
  • His favorite song his band has done is "If This Is Love" and was crying like crazy when he wrote it.
  • Before Buffy, he'd done full frontal nudity in The Tempest. A stage hand was trying to get him excited by holding up pictures of porn. 
  • He'd like to play Shakespeare's Iago because he is "unexplained evil."
  • Marsters signed on to do Dragonball Evolution because it was a 3 picture deal for a lot of money with a producer he loved. His son loved the show so he was excited to do it. He liked the show because it is an instruction on how to be a man: goofy, humble, peaceful, defensive of family and be a force for peace. He said it was a wise cartoon. The movie was more based on Dragonball, as opposed to Dragonball Z.
  • The most enjoyable Buffy episode to make was the musical episode.
  • He has been a Star Trek fan for a long time and even attended the first convention as a kid, he wore pointy ears.
  • Getting naked on Buffy was "humiliating."
  • Out of any superhero or supervillan, he'd want to play Batman, because "he's a jerk, he's a dark dude" who is one step away from evil.
  • Joss Whedon hated vampires and the fact that the audience loved Spike threw a wrench in things. There was no real plan for him at first so he was just plugged into the story line as needed, villan, wacky neighbor, love interest.
  • He really enjoyed filming an episode of Supernatural because he was able to hang out with Charisma Carpenter, which he hadn't really done on Buffy. 
  • Favorite musician is John Lennon.
  • He'd love to work with Meryl Streep.
  • His scalp bled from all the hair dye and one time a big pussball from his scalp leaked. He'd have to re0dye his hair every nine days to keep it the asme.
  • He doesn't get Jackson Pollock.

James Hong

This chick went up and danced with him and it was kind of weird and awesome.

Like full on backing up into him.

This bitch was crazy annoying.

  • James Hong has been in +500 projects, like movies, tv shows, and voice over.
  • He did the English voice over for Godzilla and did at least seven of the various characters. 
  • When he stepped on the set of Blade Runner, seeing the incredible set, he knew it would be a classic.
  • He is in an upcoming film with Ryan Reynolds called RIPD coming out next year. He didn't give much of the storyline away, but he plays Ryan Reynold's avatar. No clue what that means.
  • He would love to make a sequel to Big Trouble in Little China and if they don't make one, he'd make one himself. His character in that film, David Lo Pan, was his favorite character to play.

Not bad.

The crowd for Tom Felton

Tom Felton
  • First of all, this panel was FULL of spoilers. UGH.
  • Only stole a ring Draco wore for the last few movies.
  • His patronis, he guesses, would be a snake or a dog or a ferret.
  • Picking a favorite scene would be hard, but maybe the last scene in the last film.
  • He has seen the Harry Potter Musical, if he hadn't, he said he'd have to be living under a rock. He thought the girl who played him did great. She should have gotten the part, "she's my hero" he said. It is one of the greatest byproduct of Harry Potter.
  • He is very aware of the fan fiction. He has "dabbled, struggled" with it. He has seen the "worrying" illustrations. But he says the fan fiction is one of the most creative things he's seen made by fans. Although he saw an 80 page story shipping Draco and an Apple. (Link to this please.)
  • In regard to that strange hug between Draco and Voldemort, Tom didn't know it was coming. They had done 36 previous takes without the hug and the awkwardness was all real. The reaction in England was that of worry for Draco, what Voldemort might do to him. But in America, the audience reacted by bursting out in laughter. Also, Ralph Fiennes is a great hugger.
  • Some girl asked him to be her "transantlatic tree buddy" while she interns somewhere nature related. Tom agreed, confused and said "Sure, I'll hug some trees with ya." 
  • He had practiced an American accent by being 10 years old and trying to be Eminem.
  • His favorite part of the Harry Potter theme park was the food and drink.
  • His favorite Harry Potter book was the second one, Chamber of Secrets.
  • As a kid he loved Goosebumps books.
  • If he was attending Hogwarts, he thinks his favorite professor would be Professor Slughorn.