Former Big Brother contestant Kenneth Tong sends vile tweets to Gary Barlow about stillborn child

A former Big Brother contestant has caused mass anger with his vile comments about grieving Gary Barlow's stillborn daughter.

Kenneth Tong made a series of offensive statements on his Twitter account about the musician's late daughter Poppy, who was delivered stillborn last week.

The 28-year-old self styled playboy was condemned by fellow users for using Take That song lyrics to attack Barlow and his wife at this difficult time.

Tong, who appeared on series 10 of Big Brother in 2009, targeted both Gary and his wife Dawn with his sick messages throughout the week.

Amongst making what he deemed to be jokes about the situation, Tong also posted a picture of a child's coffin accompanied by more sickening comments.

Due to the online outcry, Kenneth Tong began to trend globally and his followers increased to almost 180,000.

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