5:46 pm - 08/09/2012

Paris Jackson blasts longtime friend on twitter. Fans proceed to bully 14yr-old friend

Paris Jackson with friend, Spencer Malnik (spencernicolee), during happier times

Paris Jackson apparently believes that someone close to her since early childhood has released her private information and she is upset...so she vents about it to 800k of her closest twitter friends, and they respond by bullying her alleged betrayer.

Paris' instigating tweets:

Paris' twitter army responds by attacking her 14-year-old nemesis:
I'm not sure who Spencer Malnik is, or what she did or didn't do, but for Paris to use twitter and her nearly 1 million followers to publicly accuse this child is, at best, very careless.

To Paris' credit, after receiving some backlash from her saner followers for making her conflict public, hours later she made a token effort to calm the situation by instructing her followers to "leave Spencer alone".

jinxeh13 11th-Aug-2012 02:34 am (UTC)
Lol, Twitter won't do shit. I once had someone legitimately stalking me, making threats on my life via Twitter, releasing personal information (full name, parents' address, etc) on Twitter, etc. I tried to get Twitter to help me, and they just replied like, "We do not get involved in disputes between users." So yeah, I don't see them trying to help much, here.
leitao 11th-Aug-2012 04:39 am (UTC)
WTF, that's awful! I can't believe they don't have any kind of penalties for that kind of stalking/harassment. =/
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