Queen Michelle talks about wanting to be a florist, working with Ryan Gosling & her funny 'problem'

Michelle Williams is thinking about flower arranging during her break from movies.

The Oscar-nominated actress has decided to take some time away from her hectic career. Michelle has been busy working on a host of movies including Take This Waltz, My Week with Marilyn and Oz: The Great and Powerful. She is looking forward to spending some quality time with her daughter Matilda and learning new skills.

"Taking time off," she told Empire magazine when asked about her upcoming plans. "I don't know what I'll do. Live life. Take a flower-arranging class. I might figure out Netflix."

Michelle is currently promoting Take This Waltz, which also stars Seth Rogen. Although the movie focuses on a marriage in crisis, Michelle had great fun while filming certain sequences.

"There's a funny scene with aerobics. It was like a dance party for grown-ups at 3pm. It was a delight to read that scene and relate to it. Whenever I've done exercise in a group class I've enjoyed it so much it makes me giddy with laughter," she explained. "Sarah [Polley, director] said to me, 'You have a talent for laughing the way people do for crying.' It's not like I have a surplus of laughter that wants to get out, but things get me easily."

Michelle often struggles to keep a straight face. While making Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling, the pair delayed shooting with their laughing fits.

"Yes. It's a real problem for me," she added. "Once on Blue Valentine, Ryan and I couldn't stop laughing for three hours. In the end we gave up. We couldn't function."


Michelle Williams prefers beau Jason Segel on the cuddly side

Michelle Williams apparently loves her boyfriend Jason Segel with a little extra meat on his bones.

The couple have been dating for a few months now and the 32-year-old actor has bonded with Michelle's six-year-old daughter Matilda.

Jason had to lose some weight for his recent movie The Five-Year Engagement, but since its release he's packed it all back on.

"He was asked to lose weight to participate in the film, but now that he's settling down with Michelle Williams, he has totally let it all go," an insider said.

"It looks like he gained 20 pounds, but Michelle thinks he looks perfect the way he is. He eats whatever he wants."

Although his physique is changing, Jason's ladylove is apparently not concerned in the slightest. In fact, she likes it.

"She likes his body," the source said. "She thinks he's cuddly."

Unlike her beau Michelle is very strict about her diet regimen to maintain her petite frame and exercises almost daily.


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