The Video That's Sweeping America

Psy - Gangnam Style

"King of concerts' singer Psy has come back with his new song, "Gangnam Style" which has become a huge sensation in the U.S.

Yesterday on CNN, Psy's "Gangnam Style" was played on air, showing the immense popularity of this song.
CNN reporter Shanon Cook stated, "The U.S. reaction to this music video is crazy. I've watched the music video 15 times myself. Rapper T-Pain and Robbie WIliams have also tweeted about this music video."

Rapper T-Pain wrote on his twitter, "There are no words to describe how awesome this music video is," along with a link to the video.

Robbie Williams also wrote on his blog, "This music video made me laugh," and linked the video as well.

A famous music site also put together a collage of articles about Psy's "Gangnam Style" and had it on the main page of their website.

Other major U.S. media such as Wall Streent Journal, Huffington Post, and Billboard have also reported about the music video going viral as well.

YG Entertainment stated, "We are just so surprised that Psy's music is receiving this much support overseas. Through this, we have been able to see Psy's potential in other countries."

Shanon Cook also reported on the 'horse' dance move that was shown in the music video. She expressed that she wanted to try out the dance move at home as well.

She continued to explain that 'Gangnam' was a popular city in Korea where woman are proper during the day but wild at night.

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