NBC interviewer fails to recognise Evander Holyfield.

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After spending a decade as the best heavyweight fighter in the world, Evander Holyfield might expect to be recognised by the average man in the street.

And when the person doing the recognising is an interviewer for American TV network NBC - who employ Holyfield as a pundit - you'd be doubly sure that they know who they're talking to.

That proved not to be the case, however. The reporter from the Today Programme collared Holyfield by accident while seeking opinions from fans outside Buckingham Palace about the opening ceremony, but failed to recognise the champion, referring to him only as a "tourist".

Instead, the interviewer just chatted away merrily to the 6'3" man mountain, whose duels with Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis are the stuff of boxing legend, asking him what he thought of Danny Boyle's magnificently bonkers show.

Holyfield, who won bronze at the 1984 Olympics, confirmed the incident afterwards on his Twitter account, and said that he saw the funny side.

"The @todayshow did interview me yesterday and ur right they didn't mention who I was," he said, even going on to defend the blundering TV crew.
"Look, the @todayshow did a good job. It was hard to recognize me with the baseball cap. This could happen to any reporter. LOL!!"