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Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal: Separating Fact from Fiction

It’s been a few days since the Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders cheating scandal came to light, triggering an avalanche of stories and speculation about what exactly happened between the Snow White and the Huntsman collaborators.

As soon as Stewart came forward and admitted to an “indiscretion” on Wednesday, webloids began picking apart the fling from every conceivable angle, producing a lot of rumors but very little actual reporting.

While it was not a full-blown “affair,” despite reports, the Stewart-Sanders indiscretion is serious stuff, leading Robert Pattinson to leave the home he shared with Stewart and Sanders to apologize to his wife and children.

But much of what’s being said beyond that is just hearsay.
Here’s what Gossip Cop has learned from our sources to this point:

1. Stewart and Sanders’ hookups occurred in the last few weeks — not during the filming of Snow White and the Huntsman.

2. While they definitely fooled around, Stewart and Sanders did not have sex.

3. Sanders is now focusing all his attention on repairing his marriage to Liberty Ross, and it’s been a “very difficult” time for them. (gtfo asshole. Liberty divorce his ass and get money gurl)

4. Despite Stewart’s public apology and first open declaration of love for the actor, Pattinson, who was “blindsided,” is still very “upset” and is not prepared to discuss the matter at all with Stewart.

Gossip Cop will continue to look into the situation and report stories grounded in facts, not idle speculation.(loool)
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lol I love how they are all "the others are reporting BS, but we are srs bsns and have ~sources~", when they pretty much report the same - apart from insisting that there was no sex, which no is buying

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