Queen Coco's major wardrobe malfunction

We never went to finishing school and our experience wearing dresses is limited at best, but we’re pretty sure it’s ill-advised to skip out on the underpants and then lift up your dress. And Coco appears to have done just that while out on the town in London over the weekend. But hey, who knows, maybe the rules are different over there. They do drive on the other side of the road over there, after all.

Ice-T’s bombshell of a wife apparently gave her undergarments the night off on Saturday as she went out the hip DSTRKT club in a purple leopard print dress. She suffered her first clothing mishap of the evening when she busted out of her plunging neckline, but then she fired back at the photographer’s flash bulbs with some more flashing of her own! Looking lovely but a little fried after a long night (note the smeared lipstick on her cheek), Mrs. T lifted up her dress after exiting a cab, delivering a very vintage wardrobe malfunction.