7:09 pm - 07/22/2012

Iwan Rheon seen on set of Game of Thrones-- role confirmed(?)

Note: Some possible spoilers for ADWD under the cut 

Someone on Tumblr (teawithconckers) saw them shooting a scene from Game of Thrones.

Anonymous asked: what did you see being filmed on game of thrones??? what was happening?

They were filming Theon being let down from a big torture cross thingy, there was a prosthetic wound on his foot that was sooo gross looking, had to remind myself it wasn’t real. And all the torture props were horrific, I hated Theon last season, but after seeing those, I think he’s getting his comeuppance. And I got shown round all the other sets, kept going I’ve seen that on tv!! Oh I remember a scene in here! Ya know the big massive table shaped liked Westeros - sure didn’t I touch that. Oh I’m so happy, it was so cool, I just wanna work for them.


I’M GOING TO CRY. I thought that was him, but then thought I was wrong cos his hair was different and I wasn’t very close to him and it was really really smoky on set. Oh my god, if that was him and I didn’t realise I’m going to have to cry. I thought it was him and then thought no, don’t be stupid, why would he be on Game of Thrones. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah it 99% was him, I’ve just googled it, he’s meant to be playing ‘Boy’ and that was who was on the call sheet that day. OH MY GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWD.

I didn’t see the torturing happening btw, though I think they were filming those scenes the next day. I saw him being taken down from this big cross thing he was tied up to by the boy. There were only 2 actors on set when I was there.

Anonymous asked: So the staff were a-ok with you seeing a scene they are probably trying to keep tightly under wraps? Did Iwan have long hair?

I had permission to be there, the set has very tight security, I wouldn’t have had a chance of even getting into the studios if I didn’t have permission. And they must have been alright with it because I watched about 3 hours worth of filming without anyone stopping me. Yeah, his hair was a lot longer than it is in Misfits, it covered his ears. (I’m going to go with 99.999% sure that it was him, though it’s probably a good thing I didn’t realise at the time as I probably would have exploded or something.)

So...if this is true (and I think it is) this confirms that that Iwan Rheon is playing none other than Ramsay Bolton and that they're moving Theon's torture into the third season.

And if Tumblr is any indication, expect Ramsay fangirls next season.

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