Rider Strong Spoofs USA Network's Formula in 'Hooker Lawyer'

While AMC's "Mad Men" may get the lion's share of the press coverage, it's USA Network that's spent several straight years as the number-one network in basic cable prime with its roster of original hour-long dramedies based on unlikely partnerships and/or brilliant investigators/legal mediators/spies/therapists/doctors who are great at their jobs, but whose personal lives are a disaster.
It's a formula ("Characters welcome") that continues to work even as its consistency makes it all too easy to mock, as the video below from comedy team Paulilu does particularly well. Comedians Paul W. Downs and Lucia Aniello (along with special guest Rider Strong) present spoof spots for three new (and not implausible) USA series that happen to share the same title. "After all, aren't we all hookers deep down where it counts?"


what's your favourite show on USA?