9:28 am - 07/17/2012

BREAKING: Suri Cruise Gets Hit By A Truck After Gymnastics Class

Katie Holmes took her daughter Suri to Chelsea Piers tonight for her gymnastics class. (July 16th, 2012)

Afterwards her car was struck on Suri‘s side by a garbage truck on sixth AVE. approx at 9:30pm.

The garbage truck did not stop and the driver of Katie‘s car sped back to her apartment building with a crying Suri in it.

Then after dropping them off he went to look for the truck and found it in a garage picking up trash near Madison Sqaure Garden.

When the truck exited the garage the driver stopped him and phoned police.

Paramedics were called to check on Suri.

We were told that Suri, 6 years old, did not get physically injured and is “feeling better” after the minor accident..

The police investigating the accident an hour or less after it happened..


hotcement 17th-Jul-2012 01:37 pm (UTC)
i guess if there's a hysterical kid involved and it's fairly close to or past bedtime and they're only a few blocks from their apartment they figured they could go home? plus it's like the wild west with trucks, if the driver had stayed put waiting for the police instead of chasing him down the cops would have essentially told him 'tough shit'
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