Teen Wolf SDCC Interviews with TVAfterDark and TV Fanatic

Dylan O'Brien with TVAfterDark

On 3 seasons, Stiles' characterisation from his writing to some ad lib, working closely with Jeff Davis, the possibility of writing an episode in the future, and any future supernatural expectations for his character.

Holland Roden with TVAfterDark

On the development of Lydia's character from season 1 to season 2 and from concept to reality, her favourite episode, on Jackson and Lydia trying to understand what's happening, what sets Lydia apart from other typical "mean girls" (she's a genius), and the romantic possibilities for her character. [With bonus Dylan O'Brien dancing in front of a mirror in the background at the end of the video.  LOL]

Dylan O'Brien with TV Fanatic

On Stiles' love for Lydia.

Tyler Posey with TV Fanatic

On Scott and Alison's relationship.

Holland Roden with TV Fanatic

On what's in store for Lydia and whether or not she's being conrolled by someone else.

Tyler Hoechlin with TV Fanatic

On Derek's role as a leader and his relationship with Stiles.

Colton Haynes with TV Fanatic

On his tendency to be shirtless and his feelings on Jackson's crazy mood swings.

Crystal Reed with TV Fanatic

On the differences between her scenes with Scott and her more physically demanding scenes.  Will she follow in her family's footsteps?

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