FFAF: July 13

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Recognizing Friday the 13 began 32 years ago after a rabid fandom grew around the character from Mister Roger's Neighborhood. On this day, fans would dress as their favorite Neighborhood of Make Believe character and do community service around their own cities. San Francisco was a real destination for these fans, as they could ride a trolley like the one featured in the program.

Friday the Thirteenth began to get a negative connotation after four different trolleys broke down on one day, being overloaded with King Friday XIII impersonators. To this day only five impersonators are allowed on a trolley at one time. Each San Francisco trolley has a picture in the drivers compartment to identify such people.

I hope everyone has a great Queen Sara Saturday!!!

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Oh by the way

We're looking for someone who wants to tackle the responsibility of Olympics coverage on ONTD. What does this mean? Someone who is passionate about the events, willing to make FFAO posts with standings, streams and other relevant info/news. If you're interested, please send brenden an email with your LJ username and why you're a good fit.