'Bad Girls 9' Star Mehgan James Wants Beyonce, Michelle Obama To Watch Show!

The new season of Bad Girls Club (Season 9) premiers July 9th and it already looks like women's GLOW wrestling. I got a chance to  chit chat with the newest cast member, the voluptuous and 'white washed' Mehgan James!


As you will see in the preview below...she's not just a big booty pretty face...she will serve you that beat down when neccesary!!  

Obviously Mehgan was BORN to be a 'Bad Girl'...but why did this senior at University of Houston decide to go the reality TV route? Check out my EXCLUSIVE interview with "Kim Kardashian's Black Sister"...

Carlton: How did you end up being on Bad Girl's Club? Why did you chose to do the show?

Mehgan: I honestly did this show to get my foot in the door to the entertainment industry. It's so hard starting from the bottom , but when you get on a reality show that has millions of viewers each week you have all ready surpassed the many steps of getting into the industry .

Carlton: How do you feel about the bad rap Black women are getting for doing 'ratchet' reality TV?

Mehgan: I feel like its funny. The world revolves off of stereotypes anyway . People automatically judge you on what they THINK you will be like but people often times for get that just because it's called Reality TV doesn't mean it's REALLY REAL...

Carlton: Do you feel you represent the typical Black woman?  

Mehgan: On the show, not really the typical black woman has the stereotype of having an attitude all the time . I probably represented the typical "white washed" black woman . I see my personality as a mixture of Evelyn & Jennifer from Basketball Wives.

Carlton: How do you respond to people like Wendy Williams, Star Jones, and other prominent Black women who want to boycott shows like 'Basketball Wives' and 'Atlanta Housewives'?

Mehgan: I feel like it's jealousy . As Black women, I feel like we should support each other not beat bring each other down!

Carlton: Why do you think the Black community is so up in arms about reality TV?

Mehgan: I feel like the Black community in itself are like crabs in a bucket . I feel like Black people in general have these unspoken competitions between each other and there isn't any love or support where it's needed.

Carlton: What role did you play this season on BGC?  

Mehgan: I played the Princess if the house. I was spoiled - always wanted my way & always got it :).

Carlton: How many fights did you get in? With who? Who won?  

Mehgan: You'll have to watch...but I won ALL of them!!!!

Carlton: Do you feel the production team encourages you to fight?  

Mehgan: No I don't think they encourage it. But you have to realize your 15 mins of fame will fly by you. You have to stand out to be the star of the show. So in order to do that, you must do what ever it takes. I treated every moment on that show as a business move.

Carlton: How do you respond to critics who may see Black women reality stars as groupie or gold diggers?  

Mehgan: I think it's funny because deep inside the critics wished they could be in that position. I've always said get it how you live.

Carlton: What do you expect to gain from the exposure? What's your end game?  

Mehgan: I expect to gain a lot from this exposure ! I'm going to use my knowledge to make sure this experience is very prosperous for me . I want to build an empire.

Carlton: Are you dating anyone right now? If so who?

Mehgan: Yes & it's TOP SECRET .

Carlton: Have you ever dated anyone famous? Who?  

Mehgan: YES. But I plead the 5Th on that too!

Carlton: Whats reality shows are on your MUST watch list?  

Mehgan: Basketball Wives .

Carlton: Who do you think are the Queen / King of reality TV?

Mehgan: The Queen is most defiantly Kim Kardashian and the King is probably Chad Ochocinco.

Carlton: How do you feel about celebrity sex tapes? Have you ever recorded yourself in the act? Ever text sexy photos of yourself to your significant other?

Mehgan: I feel like people live in the moment & not think about future consequences...and the answers to those questions are "I plead the 5th & Yes...LOL!

Carlton: Do you feel Michelle Obamas, Oprah Winfreys, and Beyonces watch shows like yours?  

Mehgan: I'm sure they don't because they probably think that they are "too good". I wish they would though. They are missing out on some good laughs .

Carlton: What does your family think about you doing BGC?!

Mehgan: They hate it , but they are being more supportive than I thought they would be.

Carlton: What is your second career option? Third?  

Mehgan: My second career option is to become an actress. I've always wanted to be in a Tyler perry movie or on a sit com & my third career option is to work for Live Nation. I enjoy music.

I can't wait to see Mehgan this season! Catch of preview of an EPIC fight Mehgan gets into with cast members Rima and Falon...she can whip some AZZ!  Let's just hope she last in the house...

Source: Carlton Jordan

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