Alex Pettyfer - Still Hot...Still a Douchenozzle?

They might plays BFF's in new movie 'Magic Mike' but don't expect Channing Tatum to get Brit actor Alex Pettyfer anything for Christmas this year as the two stars reportedly did not get on during the shoot, with sources claiming Alex acted like “a jerk” during filming.
He might not have been the biggest star on the movie set, but clearly Alex's ego got a little out of hand on the stripper move and people were not happy. “
They had massive fights on set,” a source toldUS Weekly. “Alex was a jerk to everyone during filming for no reason. He thinks he’s the star of the movie, not Channing or Matthew McConaughey.”
It wasn't just the odd annoying comment either, as Alex reportedly had full blown slanging matches with Channing, who co-produced as well as starred in the movie, especially after he was reportedly cut from a scene with the 22 year-old going “on a rampage about.”
Apparently relations between the pair have got so bad that they have refused to do press together and have been kept separate while they promote the movie to avoid any further awkwardness.
It isn't the first time the 'Beastly' actor has been called out for his temper. Ex-girlfriend Dianna Agron was said to be “terrified” of the star following their split last year and even checked into a hotel under an alias to get away from him.
A source told US Weekly at the time: “‘Dianna is absolutely terrified of [Alex]” “Absolutely lost it,’ after she split, and threatened the Glee star during a ‘vicious phone chat’.”
Looks like Alex needs to settle down....


"Magic Mike" star Alex Pettyfer met up with "Extra" at Mixology 101 to talk about becoming a stripping sensation alongside Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey.

When asked which of his co-stars was the most entertaining to work with, Pettyfer said, "I guess Channing because he's lived this before. The rest of the guys were nervous, but we all banded together like brothers and got our strip on."

He then revealed that Matthew McConaughey was "gung-ho" from day one. "He had on these little Spandex thongs and a yellow top."

Alex, who is reportedly engaged to his onscreen love interest, Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough, spoke of their relationship on set. "You know what, with any talented actress or someone that is very approachable, it makes everything easy. Riley is an amazing person to get along with... I've been very lucky in those situations." 

Watch the full interview. Plus, find out the "Magic Mike" diet!

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Because there always has to be a feud somewhere...whatever. He's not a saint and he's probably as much of a dick as any other 22 year old out there.
Still haven't seen this movie (I need more hours in my life for real), so I'm clearly making up for it by scouring the Interwebz for his hot self.

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