'Magic Mike' Reviews: Channing Tatum's stripper drama delivers goods

The "Magic Mike" reviews are beginning to show some skin.

"'Magic Mike' should ride into release ... with healthy word of mouth, if only judging by the enthusiasm level in the ladies room following a press screening last week," Movieline's Jen Yamato noted, while adding that some male viewers were "lukewarm" on the bare-naked proceedings.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, "Magic Mike" is based on the early life experiences of star Channing Tatum, who was once a male stripper. The film details the highs and lows of the profession, with a cavalcade of hunky and manscaped actors (Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez and more) along for the ride.

"['Magic Mike'] is arguably the raunchiest, funniest and most enjoyably nonjudgmental American movie about selling sex since 'Boogie Nights,' its obvious if considerably darker precursor," wrote David Rooney in his positive review for The Hollywood Reporter.

"Boogie Nights," the 1997 drama from director Paul Thomas Anderson, tracked the rise and fall of a male porn star (Mark Wahlberg) during the late '70s and early '80s, a time frame that "Magic Mike" apparently recalls.

Tweeted Variety reporter Jeff Sneider: MAGIC MIKE plays like a 70s character drama that also delivers the fun goods female & gay auds are expecting while not alienating str8 aud.

According to Katie Walsh at Indiewire's blog The Playlist, "Magic Mike" belongs to Tatum -- something that may not come as a big surprise, considering it's partially based on his life.

"It would seem that Soderbergh and Tatum are an odd couple, but Soderbergh has achieved a rare director/star symbiotic relationship with Tatum in this film -- one where the director is able to fully distill the essence of his star and showcase his natural aura and charm in the very best light," she wrote. "The film is Tatum’s and he fills the screen with his easy smile and relaxed flirtation."

so how was Magic Mike, ONTD?