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Singer Goddess Mariah Carey who took a maternity break has resumed work on her music.

The 42-year-old took a break after giving birth to her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, in April 2011. She is married to singer Nick Cannon.

Her last album was "Merry Christmas II You" in 2010.

In December last year, she collaborated with Justin Bieber on the re-release of her festive hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You". But now she is back with full force, Carey announced on Twitter, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"Summer 2012... Been in the lab, mixing up some concoctions for you, hope you like it! Still working in the studio with friends oh plenty! I love this new song," she tweeted.

syntheses 30th-Jun-2012 07:33 am (UTC)
I think Daydream was her peak in general, in terms of success and vocals. She could pull off the breathy, warm, personal vocals she's been employing commonly through butterfly yet she could still sing really outstanding schmaltzy ballads that obviously had some sort of personal connection to her (although, I think in Music Box she just sounds bored, sometimes).

Yeah. I'm excited to see what will happen between her and Walter. They made amazing ballads, but, there's going to be some tension in there that'll make it hard to wrok. Perhaps we might get more topics to work with though. Betrayal and forgiveness seem too blatant to just leave out, and they wouldn't be unfamiliar territory to Mariah (Betcha Gon' Know and Petals). I personally don't feel she needs Walter since she could probably land any producer she wants, but, I do feel like it's a great step. As much as I loved Memoirs, the production and the like was a little flat thanks to the Dream's sparse 80s synths and keys type of stuff, but, at least it was consistent.
frigginbgeek 30th-Jun-2012 07:49 am (UTC)
I agree w everything you said (: especially Memoirs lol, it was boring imo and i know many lambs will hate me for that but, I did connect w H.A.T.E. U and Angels' Cry. I hope she will have different producer for each track like what she did in TEOM which was flawless. I think many people will want to see what magic she and Walter can create, so hopefully that will generate hype for her next album as we can see RnB and pop isn't what it used to be.. so I am hoping she can save music.
syntheses 30th-Jun-2012 06:58 pm (UTC)
I don't think Memoirs was boring. I think it was a bit more mellow than her previous albums and that was sort of unappealing for many. I wish she chose ...a completely different choice of singles though. Obsessed just comes off so jarring next to the mid-tempo ballads, and Angels Cry should have been the second single. I was miffed by the fact that Island did nothing to promote the album nor did it promote any singles. I wasn't really heavily into Mariah in 2009, and I learned that it was released through a cashier working at Toys'r'us of all things, since they were playing the album.

I kinda like the album has a whole since her vocals were absolutely beautiful, and, to me, it sounded like she was back in her late 90s. I really like that she felt each song personally. The end of Candy Bling still gives me chills, aha. I also really liked Ribbon, Inseparable, More than just friends, and the impossible. Angels cry and its prelude and interlude are absolutely gorgeous. I wish languishing was put into a full song, aha.

Yeah. Music has been sucking recently. It's all four on the floor dancepop that sounds vaguely the same thanks to Dr. Luke. I mean, you know music has a problem when Wild Ones sounds like god damn Fireworks. The only two songs I've liked so far in 2012 were We Found Love (mostly for the music and the vocals, I can accept that, objectively, it's a weak ass song and there's truly no place that's more hopeless than Rihanna's larynx) and Somebody That I Used to Know. If I have to hear I'm Sexy And I Know It one more time, I'm going to scream.

And yeah, Mariah makes her best work when she has variety. One of the reasons why her voice is so loved is because it literally wraps around the music and works with it to create a song. Variety truly exploits her wonderful talent.

Sorry for the tl;dr. Outside of this comm I know like, 0 mariah fans. This is essentially releasing what is bottled, aha.
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