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Daredevil Angelina Jolie performs her own stunts while shooting Disney's 'Maleficent'

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Angelina Jolie can add "flying" to her growing list of talents.

From Hollywood star to on-set sorceress, Jolie appeared in full costume -- including her villainous black horns -- to film more scenes for her upcoming movie "Maleficent."

And it seems Jolie, 37, isn't afraid to do her own stunts.

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New photos from the set of Disney's epic "Sleeping Beauty" adaptation show the former "Tomb Raider" actress revisiting her action star days as she's hoisted into the air by an enormous crane.

The fearless film siren is seen suspended high above the ground before flinging herself into the air while filming a high-action shot in the English countryside.

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“Maleficent,” co-starring Elle Fanning, is currently being filmed in Buckinghamshire, England.

The high-budget flick tells the famous fairytale from the notoriously evil Maleficent's point of view.

Jolie's transformation into the misunderstood villainess has been stunning.

Photos from the forthcoming film first appeared last week showing Jolie on set in full wardrobe, complete with a brown cape and sorceress’s staff.

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