Photoshop butcher chops and bleaches Eva Longoria for Amica magazine

This is what Eva Longoria looks like in real life. Note her skin tone and the fact her jaw line doesn't look as if it will cut you. Picture: AP

MARK Liddell has snapped many a star. Britney Spears, Sharon Stone, Jessica Alba, Kylie, they've all stared back at his lens and pouted.
But what the world doesn't know is that Liddell is colour blind. And a butcher.
Because that's the only possible explanation for his Eva Longoria cover for the latest issue of Amica magazine.

Her skin has been bleached, her jaw and cheek bones chiselled and sharpened, and her body size reduced several sizes. If it weren't for the discrete cover line (which appears to have been farted out by the star), no one would know it was Longoria.

Even the fruit she's holding for the South Pacific-themed cover looks like a jacket potato.

What Liddell has done is turn a sexy woman of Mexican descent into Terri Hatcher. And no one wants that.

But it might not be all Liddell's fault. Amica, an Italian fashion mag, has form when it comes to Photoshop fails. Last month it was accused of Photoshopping a crown onto the head of actress Diane Kruger. They also made her look a bit stoned.