Robin Thicke,, Will Smith and Jada All Attended a Scientology School Benefit Last Month

OK, y'all might remember a few years ago the hullabaloo surrounding Will and Jada donating a ton of money to/starting this school that makes use of L. Ron Hubbard's teaching methods, has lots of staff who practice Scientology, and is SUPPOSEDLY  Xenu Scientology indoctrination for pre-k through 6th grade. And then last September, Suri Cruise started attending, and still does. It's all very shady, and a large majority of the staff was suspiciously fired a few years back for ~not agreeing with the school's teaching methodology~ (though this was later denied by the Smiths) and the headmistress was subsequently replaced with another who is seemingly more well-versed in the knowledge of how this world came to be (hint: ALIENS). If you want to read more, check out the wikipedia for New Village Leadership Academy

Who knows (don't sue me!!!). Anyway, I got all interested in this school and, to my surprise, there was a benefit last month for the school. Some celebrities attended. Enjoy the pictures!

"Our Founders speaking about how their vision became a reality."

MC LYTE hey girl!

Robin Thicke

Cool moves

ok this is Congresswoman Maxine Waters + some Canadian actress named Jillian Barberie, she emceed the event

(Also, just as a little post script - it's awesome that the school gives scholarships to 80% of the students, that's dope. And they seem like nice people or w/e... But if the Scientology aspect rumors are true, I am not down with the clown. I highly recommend that everyone at least read the wikipedia on the school to see some of the more shady stuff and indoctrination rumors.)

ETA: raised_eyebrows gave some more insight into the Scientology schools (& an interesting quote from Paul Haggis' daughter)
"Those special schools that use Scientology tech (including a Calabasus campus built by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith) may not work as well as they advertise, according to Haggis's daughter Lauren. 'I was illiterate until I was eleven,' she told Wright, and the article notes that many of the most high-profile Scientologists were school dropouts, including Haggis himself.

Also, this is how these schools work: 

The educational system they use is called Study Tech. The three central elements are: 1. The use of clay; 2. Complete understanding of the material. You only move on to the next grade if you completely understand the material; 3. Using dictionaries. If you misunderstand something, you need to use a dictionary to figure it out."