Sophie Simmons misses Father's Day to audition for X Factor, Gene flies in Private Jet to watch.

Sophie Simmons missed the chance to celebrate Father's Day with her famous dad, Kiss singer Gene Simmons.

But she had a good excuse.

Instead of spending the weekend in Los Angeles with her dad and her mom, Shannon Tweed, Sophie jetted off to San Francisco to audition for "The X Factor," according to TMZ.

When Gene Simmons' 19-year-old daughter arrived at the reality singing competition show audition, judged by Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid, she said she didn't want to be judged by her famous last name.

"This isn't about my dad. This is about my audition," she told TMZ.

The "God of Thunder" singer, though, chartered a private jet to take him and his wife, who were in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, respectively, to San Francisco to support Sophie's latest endeavor.

"We think she's the most talented, wonderful, charming daughter but we just want her to get want a fair shot," Gene told London's Daily Mail.

Sophie's not the first celebrity child to recently audition for a TV singing competition. Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey's daughter, gave Fox's "American Idol" a shot last season.

Even if she doesn't make the cut, Sophie is already a reality television star, starring along with her parents and her brother, Nick, on A&E's "Gene Simmons: Family Jewels."