Chris Hemsworth Without A Wetsuit

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Chris Hemsworth is back in his native Australia promoting latest film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

When the actor took a dip in the hotel pool, it was obvious he was no ordinary Joe.
After some splashing about, the action hero emerged from his dip fairly gleaming like a Greek god.

The Aussie star was born in Melbourne, but met his family in Sydney while promoting the movie this weekend in the capital.

Extra pics:

While surfing in Maroubra, he was initially caught in a rip tide and wiped out.

He soon regained his sea legs, though, and charged through the waves in the eastern Sydney beachtown, his blond hair whipping across his face.

Grinning ear-to-ear as he paddled out in a wetsuit, it was clear to onlookers it wasn't the first time out on the waters for Chris.

The muscled actor, who spent much of his childhood in a little Aboriginal community in the Outback, called Bulman, had only touched down in Sydney hours before hitting the surf.



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