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One Direction star Zayn Malik: Oops! I smashed up a brand new limited edition Vespa scooter

Zayn Malik had a bad boy moment on aOne Direction video shoot when he crashed a brand new Italian scooter.

The 1D boys had been given the vehicle as a prop but Zayn, 19, had never driven one before and found it a little difficult to master the controls.

'I smashed up a Vespa,' says Zayn.

'It just span out and went crazy, ran on about 2 metres and hit some gravel.

'And it was a limited edition, worth thousands. They had to put red nail polish on it to cover the scratches.'

Zayn isn't the only band member who's been trying to shed his squeaky-clean image.

Harry Styles, 18, decided to follow in the footsteps of old school rockers by chucking electrical equipment out of his window while on tour.

'Because everyone was saying we weren't very rock'n'roll, I thought I'd throw a TV out of the Winnebago window,' Harry tells Celebs On Sunday.

But it seems the singer is better suited to being well behaved.

'It didn't smash. It didn't even have one scratch on it,' says Louis Tomlinson, 20.