12:18 pm - 06/10/2012

Which Celeb Has A New Set of Teeth?

Folk/pop/country crooner Jewel had to alter a few things about her appearance in order to fit the role for her upcoming portrayal of musical legend June Carter Cash--her hair and eye color, for starters.

However, there's one change that will undoubtedly really stand out to her fans.

"Here I am as June in my trailer with her blue eyes and perfect teeth," Jewel tweeted on Tuesday, with a picture of herself in character.

Jewel, as her loyal followers know, is famous for having one of the most imperfect smiles in show biz--her crooked teeth have drawn criticism over her career, but she's refused to fix them.

In fact, the 38-year-old credits this very quirk as one that helped her get ahead in Hollywood--even landing her a role in 1999's Civil War film Ride With the Devil. "I asked [the director], 'Why me?'" she told Shape in 2010."And he said, 'You have period teeth.' So I got the job because I was the only actress in Hollywood who hadn't gotten her teeth fixed!"

As far as we know, Jewel--who hosted Bravo's reality talent show Platinum Hit in 2011--hasn't actually straightened her teeth for the Cash role. She's most likely wearing dental caps to achieve the look.

Lifetime's The June Carter Cash Story, which is based on John Carter Cash's narrative of his mother's life, Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash, will be filming in Atlanta this summer. It will mark Jewel's first leading role in a major film. An air date has not yet been set.

  Jewel's old teeth thank you for your time <3


pink_dog 10th-Jun-2012 06:00 pm (UTC)
I love watching old episodes of 90210 and looking at all their natural teeth.

I don't mind straightening teeth with braces, or bleaching them, but I really am not crazy about caps/veneers.
glass_houses 11th-Jun-2012 11:44 pm (UTC)
Agreed. Veneers/caps are creepy as fuck (Hilary Duff anyone??)

pink_dog 12th-Jun-2012 01:37 am (UTC)
Boy, those teeth were so bad. She eventually got the veneers replaced with better ones, and she claims she'd had damaged teeth beforehand which necessitated veneers. Whatever the case, this is a WONDERFUL example of how YUCK those things can look!

I had forgotten about these bad veneers, by the way. Wow. Back then, she was getting the horse jokes, just like Sarah Jessica Parker and Trace Cyrus. Wowsers.
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