Fear Factor Donkey Semen Episode Video: 2012 Show Airs in Demark

Remember When Fear Factor Forced Contestants To Drink Donkey Semen. If You Want To Watch the End of Civilization, Here is the Fear Factor Donkey Semen Episode, Which Finally Aired in Europe

Ever wanted to watch human drink donkey semen on national TV? Then Fear Factor is the show for you. After much hand-wringing, the gross-out reality show had contestants drink donkey semen as part of some sort of competition.

NBC's farmyard bukkake was supposed to air on January 30, 2012, but the network got cold feet and refused to air the donkey episode.

Recently, the Fear Factor donkey episode aired on TV in Denmark (clearly European audiences are more sophisticated than those of us on this side of the Atlantic). The folks at TMZ got wind of the donkey episode and posted video.

No doubt, the Fear Factor donkey semen episode will mark a new low in network television, if not humanity.