There should be more posts about Logan Marshall-Green

So here ya go.

Bullet magazine did a feature on Logan and took some nice photos of him looking sufficiently sexy. There was not one mention of his uncanny resemblance to that certain other actor.

An Excerpt-The moment he knew he wanted to be an actor. Read the full article HERE

His decision to become an actor was cemented when Marshall-Green was seated in the audience for a performance of the swashbuckling French play Cyrano de Bergerac in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, William Shakespeare’s birthplace. During the play’s final act, when Cyrano professes his love to Roxane, fake leaves began to flutter down from the grand theater’s rafters. The scene continued and, according to Marshall-Green, “one last leaf fell when it wasn’t supposed to. Cyrano was just about to confess everything, and we all watched him watch it fall. He put his hand out, this fingerless-gloved hand, and— I’ll never forget it—the leaf literally fell right into it.” He compares the descent of the wayward leaf to the communal secret shared by the actors and their audience. “Everyone immediately burst into tears and knew he was about to tell her he loved her. I realized in that moment that I was going to act on stage for the rest of my life.”

Things I learned from the article:
--Like most hot guys (sadly) he smokes. Why is this the case with hotties? Why can they not
keep their lungs pure and untainted?
--He likes Graphic Novels and Game of Thrones
--He’s a huge Shakespeare fan
--His mom Lowry Marshall is a professor of theater at Brown University
--He’s a baseball fanatic and huge Mets fan.
--He's really hot

Could Logan signal the return of hot actors or will we be stuck watching Michael Cera and Seth Rogen until the end of time?

Mmmmm, whatcha say ONTD?

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