tv stars talk about the perfect penis size

With a nickname like Big Ang and a size-J-for-ba-JUNGAS bra cup size, it's a given that Angela Raiola of VH1's hit reality series, "Mob Wives," likes her mafioso packin' more than one kind of heat. But her new friend and confidante, Snooki, rejects the notion that bigger is better. "I like normal pee-pees," the "Jersey Shore" guidette shares.

It's really no surprise that Snooks is averse to the heftily endowed--remember in Miami when Vinny tried to get it in, and...couldn't? While her well-hung housemate earned a few slaps on the back from his bros and the nickname, Donkey Dick, our sex-starved meatball was ultimately left unsatisfied.

But not anymore, thanks to her fiancé, Jionni, whose average size evidently says nothing about his prowess--nor the endurance of his sperm. Snooki and Ang may have different penis size preferences, but they can both agree on one thing: it's the "motion of the ocean" that counts more than anything.

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