Fiona Apple's new song "Anything We Want"

Our second preview of Fiona Apple’s fourth album, The Idler Wheel…, just quietly hit the web in the form of a link popping up aside that piece in The NY Times we were discussing the other day.“Anything We Want” — a cut heardunveiled live in Austin, TX back in March — is now here in studio form, complete with all of the percussive quirks suggested at in the article and an arrangement that builds on the intimate, spare approach to opening track “Every Single Night”.

“I felt we could take the same risk with sound as the songs were taking,” co-producer/drummer Charley Drayton said in the aforementioned interview. Stream today’s promising glimpse at what he’s talking about here.

Here's a youtube video for the people who don't want to click. The soundcloud link won't embed. 

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