Teen Wolf Multi-post

Excerpt from the interview with Jeff Davis (Teen Wolf Showrunner)
"I’m trying to create a world where there’s no racism, there’s no sexism, there’s no homophobia. And I know it’s not real life, but I kinda don’t care. I’d like to create a world where none of that matters, you have the supernatural creatures for that to work as an analogy. In my mind if you can create a world like that on tv, maybe life starts to imitate it. That’s important to me. I think there are other shows that are better equipped to deal with serious topics. We’re doing werewolves in high school."

I should probably have actually listened to the interviews, shouldn't I have? Meh, too tired. I'll have to enjoy them vicariously for now.

I hoped he talked about how dumb Scott is. I like him, but his priorities are seriously messed up. I'm sure next season he'll still be stuck on Allison.

Watched Dylan in High Road on Netflix. He needs to be in more things so I can stan for him properly.

Umm, who is this guy? I hope he can act.

I saw links to the shirtless montage and some of the other DVD extras somewhere yesterday. Going to have to scrounge it up later... maybe.

Is it Sunday yet? I'm more than ready for the next season.

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