Criminal Minds to air in Canada before the US

According to SpoilerTV, new episodes of CM (season 8) will air a day earlier in Canada on CTV.

And to give some life to this post..

Here's a twitpic roundup of what the cast is doing while on hiatus.

Riding wild steers in Hawaii

And preparing to launch his second line of limited edition Gube shirts.

Filming and wrapping up her role in a new movie set to be released in 2013, WER.

Remaining elusive as fuck and reblogging humorous shit on his tumblr every so often:

Living it up in Cannes

He's also got a new film, Kill Me, Deadly, he's starring in along with Kirsten and Joe that's in production.

Agreeing to be national spokesperson for the campaign to build the National Army Museum.

And expanding his film resume

Watching Game of Thrones

And visiting Israel

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As well as working on the flash animated television series Dan Vs.

As of about an hour ago, tweeting a picture of Gube.

And starring in The Chicago 8 (now completed), and Kill Me, Deadly (in production).