Kendall and Kylie on "Million Dollar Closets", etc.

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner has let HGTV's Lisa Adams come look into their closets.

The 16-year-old wrote on her blog on May 18: "Kylie and I opened up our closets for HGTV's show Million Dollar Closets and our episode airs tonight at 8pm so don't miss it!! Love you guys!"

Looking at the photos - it looks like Adams has made their space more organized. If you missed the show - it airs again on June 12.

Kendall more recently posted a photo of her and sister Kylie with their mom Kris Jenner. The girls are now growing up and getting out there in the public eye. They are now West Coast fashion editors for Seventeen magazine.

Last month they told fans: "People always ask us for fashion and beauty tips, and now we can share them directly with readers. It’s really exciting for us! Our first piece will debut in the mag’s June/July issue and we can’t wait to show you guys!!"


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